We will be launching from the Flightlock Rd Boat Launch (Alcathy’s Boat Launch) at the end of Flightlock Rd in the Town of Waterford, NY. We will paddle east on the Erie Canal (Mohawk River) thru the Flight of Locks (Lock E2-Lock E6) to the Waterford Boat Dock. We will then enter the Champlain Canal (Hudson River) and head north to Lock 1 and the terminus at the Halfmoon Lighthouse Park.


This year’s paddle is about 7.5 miles long, but instead of 3 locks we will pass thru 6. We will be passing thru the “Flight of Locks”. This sequence of locks is the largest lift in the shortest distance, only 1.5 miles, of any canal system in the world. We expect to be on the water approximately 4 1/2 hours.


Click on the map below to get directions to Alcathy's Boat Launch.




Flightlock Rd Boat Launch

Flightlock Rd (Dead End)

Waterford, NY 12188


Lock E6 Crescent

77 Flightlock Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188


Lock E5 Waterford

55 Flightlock Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188


Lock E4 Waterford

25 Flightlock Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188


Lock E3 Waterford

48 Washington Ave.

Waterford, NY 12188


Lock E2 Waterford

NYS Route 32 Short 5th St.

 Waterford, NY 12188


Lock C1 Waterford

15 Lock One Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188


Halfmoon Lighthouse Park

597 Hudson River Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188


Event Parking (Front of CGM Construction)

Brookwood Rd.

Waterford, NY 12188






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